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August 13, 2014

"Software Hosted in Germany" strengthened by a US court decision - CAS PIA receives the quality seal


Only a few days ago, a U.S. federal court ordered Microsoft to turn over customer data of a suspect. What makes this ruling explosive topic: the data is not stored in the U.S., but on a server of Microsoft’s European subsidiary in Ireland. commentator Herbert Braun: " ‘it is a question of who controls the data rather than where it is stored’, the judge commented on her ruling – this sentence should be well remembered by companies, federal institutions and individuals."


On the occasion of the CeBIT 2014, the "BITMi" (Federal Association of IT for small and medium-sized enterprises) has announced the new "Software Hosted in Germany" quality seal. The criteria for receiving the seal were adopted by an expert council at the end of July. They can be found at


The executive managers of the cloud solution providers voluntarily commit themselves to allow data access only to be governed by German data protection law and guarantee to store data only in data centers located in Germany. The unauthorized disclosure of software or data to third parties is excluded.


Cloud solutions from German data centers becoming more popular

Martin Hubschneider, vice president of BITMi and CEO of the German CRM expert CAS Software AG in Karlsruhe, predicts a growing demand for cloud solutions hosted in German data centers: "Bearing in mind the discussions about the NSA data affair, there is a huge chance for the 'Software Hosted in Germany' seal [to be established] on the world's market. Customers desire German quality, all-round accessibility to their data, a safe future and they want to be able to put their trust into data protection measures - especially when storing their sensitive company data on the Internet."


A high-profile council with renowned scientists

The expert council of the "Software Made in Germany" quality seal includes Ms. Prof. Dr. Irene Bertschek, Ms. Prof. Dr. Annette Weißbecker, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel, Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke and Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche and is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy which acts as a patron for the seal. The council for the "Software Hosted in Germany" quality seal additionally appointed Prof. Dr. Michael Bartsch, a renowned lawyer and founding chairman of "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik e.V." (The German Association of Law and Informatics). Already more than 180 software solutions of more than 120 companies have received the "Software Made in Germany" quality seal.


CAS PIA was one of the first software solutions on the market that has been awarded the "Software Hosted in Germany" seal.


August 23, 2012

CRM-expo: CRM apps revolutionize mobile working


On this year's CRM-expo from October 10-11, 2012 in Essen, CAS Software AG is again spreading the "I love my CRM" feeling: together with its partners, the German market leader for CRM solutions for SMEs will present its latest CRM solution CAS genesisWorld x4, its CRM Cloud software CAS PIA and various industry solutions in hall 1, stand D24. This year's main focus will be on apps for all common smartphones, tablets and laptops that have completely changed the way of working with CRM while on the move.


May 11, 2012

ESB Business School is thrilled to be the winner of the EuroCloud Deutschland Award


The ESB Business School of the state university Reutlingen was honored as winner of the EuroCloud Deutschland Award. On Thursday, May 10, 2012, the award in the Cloud Service category was given to the business school on the occasion of the Cloudzone trade fair in Karlsruhe.

"We are very happy with this prize as our efforts in the area of 'efficient and cost-saving IT services' are rewarded", comments the deputy dean of the ESB Business School Reutlingen Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Augustin.



March 28, 2012

Cloud services: optimally adopted to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises


Cloud computing gains increasing significance. It pays for Small and medium-sized enterprises to develop Cloud computing strategies so that they can experience the benefits of "calculating in the Cloud". The Cloudzone conference is due to take place on (May 10 - 11) at the Karlsruhe trade fair center and it will serve as a communication platform for all interested SMEs.

"Cloud services are in many regards a win-win business: companies can use IT services from the cloud depending on their requirements, without having to think about a time-consuming and costly maintenance. This enables them to flexibly concentrate on their core business with reduced and predictable costs. The security of data in professionally maintained and certified cloud services is higher than if the data is maintained through IT services in the own company", states Bernd Becker, chairman of EuroCloud Deutschland eco.

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CeBIT 2012: CAS Software presents new product highlights


Karlsruhe, March 6, 2012

Mobile CRM, Social media integration, Cloud computing, geocoding and much more: at the CeBIT 2012, CAS Software AG presents together with its partners software solutions and various new product enhancements for an even more efficient relationship management of organizations, educational institutions and associations in hall 6, stand F 16.


There are many highlights on this year's CeBIT agenda: for the first time, we present the Web-based CAS Trade & Trade Representation module, a German CRM solution for retailers based on the contact management solution CAS PIA.

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CAS Software wins the Innovator of the Year 2011 prize


Karlsruhe, June 30, 2011

CAS Software AG receives the "Top 100" seal of approval and is nominated as overall winner of the innovator of the year competition. Lothar Späth, the mentor of the competition, presented the prize and the seal of approval to the directors, Martin Hubschneider and Ludwig Neer, in Ostseebad Warnemünde.


"With its continuous strive for innovation, CAS Software AG has worked itself to the top of those companies that know that today's innovation is tomorrow's success", says research leader of the benchmark project, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the Vienna University for Economics and Business.

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CAS PIA Starter: contact management for all


With the SaaS solution "CAS PIA Starter", small companies and freelancers can profit from the functions for smart contact management for already €4.90 per month/user (€7.90 from the 4. month).


CAS PIA Starter enables each company to comfortably maintain address data in a well-structured manner. The so-called dossier offers you a comprehensive contact history with which customers are always informed. Appointments, tasks, phone calls, documents, e-mails ... you can view all important data by the click of a button. This saves a lot of research time and energy.


CAS PIA Starter offers you also functions for the team calendar and the task management; you can furthermore view all addresses in a map. A German maximum-security data center guarantees you the protection of your data. You can try CAS PIA Starter free for 30 days at no obligation.

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CAS' customer SVG wins CRM Best Practice Award


Karlsruhe, October 13, 2010

Yesterday evening, the SVG received the CRM Best Practice Award in the category of CRM implementation. The winners of the CRM Best Practice Award are announced each year at CRM-expo in Nuremberg. SVG, the transport and logistics specialist, is the eighth CAS customer to have been awarded this prestigious prize. on for the complete story.


Lexware eCRM: professional customer management at low costs


Karlsruhe, August 17, 2010

As of now, Lexware customers can purchase the Internet-based Lexware eCRM which was developed in cooperation with Haufe-Lexware and CAS Software AG. The new product offers freelancers and small companies an inexpensive start into the world of professional customer management.

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CAS PIA 3.0 offers you the freedom to customize your solution


Karlsruhe, June 22, 2010

CAS PIA 3.0 sets a new standard among the Web-based contact management solutions: the software offers the freedom to completely design your own solution with custom fields and tabs. This benefits small and medium-sized enterprises across different sectors, but also freelancers and business founders. You combine professional customer management effortlessly with your individual ways of working, your environment and own processes. Additional highlights of the new version include, for example, the 360° dossier and pre-defined views.


More mobility with CAS PIA – comfortable direct start for new users


Karlsruhe, January 21, 2010

With version 2.0 of CAS PIA, CAS Software AG have included Mobile sync that enables you to synchronize your data with mobile devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry. Our contact management solution has been specially designed with SMEs and the self-employed in mind, and this new version includes a number of new functions that make your daily work easier and help you to start using the software quickly.


Access your important data anywhere and anytime: Mobile sync ensures that all your contacts, appointments and tasks are synchronized bidirectionally between CAS PIA and all your mobile devices. CAS PIA seamlessly synchronizes any data that you have edited or created whilst on the move using your iPhone or other mobile device.

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Orranged is now in partnership with CAS Software AG to sell CAS PIA


Orranged, the office service provider and CAS Software AG, the German market-leader for SME customer management systems, are sales partners for the Web-based sales and organizational solution: CAS PIA.


Frankfurt, December 15, 2009

Orranged, a division of MaterniSiebzehn GmbH has teamed up with CAS Software AG from Karlsruhe in a sales partnership to promote CAS PIA. As a product, CAS PIA complements Orranged's existing range of of selected and innovative products, which they use to help customers improve productivity by streamlining their day-to-day work processes as well as increasing the level of customer service and saving money at the same time. CAS PIA is an excellent solution that offers our customers a means of processing any customer enquiries rapidly and smoothly. In addition, "CAS PIA is offered as a Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS), which means that once our customers have registered they can connect with CAS PIA from anywhere via the Internet and have access to their data without ever having to worry about the configuration, infrastructure or organisation and so on", explained Thorsten Thiede, Orranged partner.

CAS PIA's functions are a huge hit


Karlsruhe, August 12, 2009

CAS Software AG presents its new 1.6 version of CAS PIA, this Web-based contact management solution designed for small companies and the self-employed is packed with valuable new features and functions. The new version has been available since August 11, 2009 and is tailored specifically to the needs of the target group.


CAS Software AG joins the Eclipse Foundation


Karlsruhe, March 27, 2009

As new members of the Eclipse open source development platform, CAS Software AG proactively embrace the implementation of new technologies. In fact, CAS PIA is based on Eclipse RAP technology as well as other open source components. The Web-based contact management solution offers small enterprises the full range of CRM functionalities. CAS PIA's speed and overall look and feel are similar to desktop applications. And recently, the application made it to the finals of the Eclipse Community Awards in Santa Clara (USA).


Now available from CAS Software AG: an Internet-based contact management solution for small enterprises and the self-employed


CAS PIA – the new sales and organizational talent


Karlsruhe, October 21, 2008

The introduction of CAS PIA marks the beginning of a new generation of contact management solutions on the market: CAS PIA is an Internet-based solution brought to you from CAS Software AG and which is aimed squarely at the self-employed and small enterprises that have up to 20 PC workstations. Using the solution you can manage your contacts, prospects, customer information and organize both your own work as well as that of your team's all online via the Internet. And because all the data and functions are available in the office, at home or while you are on the move, in fact, anytime and anywhere: CAS PIA provides active sales support and an unrivalled competitive advantage. When the German Internet prize was announced, CAS PIA made it to the finals. You can start using CAS PIA now for only €19.90/month/user or, alternatively, why not try our 30 day free trial available on the Internet at