CAS PIA for every sector

Find out how you can use CAS PIA successfully in your business, be inspired by our stories of operational success using CAS PIA.

CRM examples

Agencies & PIA

Advertising agencies use CAS PIA to help them track all of their projects and clients, as well as provide all the necessary information that their contacts and consultants might need. Consequently, the software supports employees in all their daily tasks such as filing, archiving documents and planning appointments.

Beauty therapists & PIA

After every tenth treatment, beauty therapists treat their loyal customers to a spoil-yourself voucher tailored to customer preferences. So thanks to CAS PIA, your customers get exactly what they desire.

Chimney sweeps & PIA

Engineers and flue gas inspectors can remind their customers of their annual appointments by e-mail. CAS PIA keeps an eye on all your appointments including any that recur annually and sends you reminders in good time.

Consultants & PIA

Consulting firms who are responsible for multiple clients use CAS PIA to maintain an overview of their projects and clients. The multi-level rights system guarantees the confidentiality and security of any sensitive data relating to high-profile clients.

Florists & PIA

Florists use CAS PIA to keep a close eye on their customers' needs and preferences such as their favorite flowers, or to invite customers to special events and manage advance bookings and orders for special occasions like Christmas, Mothers' day or Valentine's day.

Gardeners & PIA.

Gardening is not just about being green-fingered! Using CAS PIA, gardeners can keep track of their customers' flowers and can see, for example, exactly which bulbs are currently in bloom. As a result, your e-mail offers for fertilizer always arrive at the just the right time.

Interior designers & PIA

CAS PIA helps interior design businesses to maximize their success by tracking customer behavior and then use this data to inform customers of the availability of suitable goods, increasing the potential for sales success through targeted marketing.

Logistics & PIA

Logistics firms benefit from the individual contact management functions in CAS PIA. With the help of the customer dossier they can keep up-to-date with their customer orders, so that information on the where and when is always at hand.

Real estate agents & PIA

Using CAS PIA, estate agents can designate objects as resources, which enables them to track viewing appointments for any object in their system. The accompanying sales information for a given object is also stored in the dossier.