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Increased functionality after integrating with CAS PIA

You can easily integrate your Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird e-mail account into CAS PIA. You can save all your e-mail correspondence for a specific customer directly to the customer dossier – as well as any attachments. You can archive your outgoing messages and your incoming e-mails including attachments. And by sending your customers personalized e-mail merges or newsletters, you can increase customer loyalty.


  • After the CAS PIA integration, e-mails and any attachments are saved automatically to the right customer dossiers. This ensures that both you and selected team members always have a complete overview of all customer correspondence — even if an employee is currently not in the office.
  • You can easily access your contacts' dossiers directly via the Outlook sidebar.
  • You can easily assign your mails to other actions in your CRM solution such as, for example, the agenda to make an appointment.
  • Send personalized mail merges or newsletters to select customer groups and enjoy the benefits of easy and effective e-mail marketing.
  • Schedule sending of your mail merges for anytime you like.
  • Sending, calling and archiving your e-mails using POP3, SMTP and IMAP is child's play.


All it takes is just one click to move your e-mail into the customer dossier — for a transparent view of your customers.