Phone calls

Execute your phone calls as planned

It is all too easy to say: "I will call you back in 14 days time" and then to miss your follow-up call. With CAS PIA those days are over: you will be reminded of your scheduled calls in good time and at the same time informed about the subject of your last conversation so that you can pick up where you left off. During the conversation you can record any important matters in the phone call notes field. Whoever takes the call later, can see at a glance exactly what was discussed with the customer.

  • Overview of phone calls made and open phone calls (with reminder function)
  • Automatic identification of incoming calls
  • You can also delegate phone calls to other colleagues
  • You can record all the details of your phone calls: content, time of call, duration and caller

CAS PIA organizes your phone calls – anything you agree on the phone can be documented quickly.