Better search functions for faster results

CAS PIA offers you an easy to use, central search function. You can find the specific information you are looking for in your data quickly and efficiently. CAS PIA checks all of your data for the search item you entered, so hits could occur for example, in the notes for an appointment, in the subject line of a quote or as part of a note in the follow-up file. Using the advanced search function, you can define exactly what you want to search for by combining data record parameters using filters for information such as: all customers in postal code area 7. Moreover the new CAS SmartSearch - the intelligent search-as-you-type-search function, includes relevance-sorting features and it can also perform fuzzy searches. So that for example, "Mr. Meyer" from the company "Schmidt & Co." can also be found even if you are searching for "Mr. Maier" of the company "Schmitt & Co.".

  • Intelligent search-as-you-type-search in your entire data stock
  • Search with the advanced search using filter functions
  • Use the AND/OR condition across all search fields
  • Automatically save previous search queries
  • Search for keywords (tag search) and create a personal keyword view

With CAS PIA, you always find what you are looking for.