Data protection in the cloud

CAS PIA places great emphasis on protecting your data and information across all areas. See in the following what CAS PIA does to keep your data secure:

  • The rights system - users can only access information they are allowed to view: a sophisticated, multi-level rights system ensures that each employee only sees what he or she is allowed to see. You can also create user profiles and groups in CAS PIA (e.g. sales staff, secretary office) - and easily manage the assignments of rights.
  • The change log - everything is recorded: you can record all activities concerning a data record in the change log and immediately get an overview of who has changed what at which time in which manner. All changes can always be tracked.
  • The recycle bin - don't loose your deleted data: the recycle bin collects your deleted data and you can restore it any time you want.
  • The high security IT center - a maximum of data protection: your data is saved in a high security IT center in Munich which complies with German security directives and data protection regulations. Find out more about the security IT center...

Do you trust our security measures? Then don't hesitate to test our CRM Cloud solution, free and non-binding.