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Questions about CAS PIA

What does CAS PIA have to offer? How can it help me optimize my work?

CAS PIA makes it easier for you to organize your customer contacts: from contact administration and simple communication through to archiving documents. All processes can be easily organized by your team. CAS PIA also offers groupware functions such as task and appointment management and supports you in the implementation of sales campaigns. Take a closer look …

What is CAS PIA like to use?

CAS PIA is intuitive, simple and easy to use. You can access all functions with just a few clicks of your mouse. The user interface is familiar to all Windows users and makes you want to learn more: because you'll discover new useful features every day.

Can I test CAS PIA with no obligation to buy?

Yes, you can test CAS PIA extensively. The guest registration will allow you to experience CAS PIA with sample data. With the 30-day trial version (coming soon), you can work with CAS PIA using your own data and with no obligation to buy. Try CAS PIA!

Which languages is CAS PIA available in?

CAS PIA is currently available in German, English and Hungarian.

Does CAS PIA have a limited access environment?

Yes, CAS PIA has a system of limited access levels. This way you can define who can see or process which data, and in which form. You can define the access rights for individual users and organize them conveniently into groups. Furthermore, you can define access levels for your information individually  – e.g. for a certain document, contacts or appointments – as it best suits your needs.

Can I manage documents (e.g. Microsoft Word files) with CAS PIA?

Yes, every document can be saved, edited and administered in CAS PIA. During editing, documents are temporarily saved to your desktop and blocked for other users. The documents are then saved on the server, so that you and all other users can access them at any time and from any location.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you are an administrator and have forgotten your password, please click here to request a new one. If you are a user, please contact your administrator who can then reset your password in CAS PIA's "Administration" area. You can change your password at any time in "Settings." We recommend you change your password the first time you log on to CAS PIA.

Can I create contacts in CAS PIA?

In CAS PIA you can create organizations and individual contacts.

Does CAS PIA detect duplicate contacts?

In a contact you can use the duplicate check to find duplicate contacts or organizations with similar postal addresses. You can check postal addresses using the Web service from Yellow Map.

Which "Office" packages does CAS PIA support?

CAS PIA supports Microsoft Office (2010, 2013, 2016).

Can I create mail merges with CAS PIA?

Yes, with CAS PIA you can create mail merges. To do so, you will need Microsoft Word and an additional CAS PIA add-in. To install this add-in, simply go to the "Settings" section.

In CAS PIA can I create and send personalized e-mail merges with attachments?

Yes, you can create personalized e-mail merges in CAS PIA. The e-mails are sent over the e-mail server specified in your user settings. You do not need a locally installed e-mail client to send e-mail merges.

Contract-related questions

Can I purchase CAS PIA?

No, CAS PIA is a Web-based application – a Software as a Service solution – that is licensed per month and user.

How much does CAS PIA cost?

CAS PIA Full version costs €19.90 a month per user, the Starter edition €4.90 (€7.90 as of the fourth month). This includes all functions, unlimited database storage, one gigabyte of memory per user, at least two gigabytes for each tenant, and mobile phone access.

How can I create new users in CAS PIA?

You can add new users directly from the Administration area of CAS PIA. Once registered, the new user can work with CAS PIA immediately and has direct access to all data and information.

What do I do if my team is downsized?

Just deactivate the user(s) in CAS PIA. All data that has been entered by this user/these users is completely retained, and you can access it at any time. Your monthly payment will be automatically reduced accordingly from the start of the next month.

How do I pay?

Payments are to be made monthly via direct debit (Germany) or credit card (worldwide).

How is CAS PIA licensed?

CAS PIA is licensed per user (named user licenses).

How do you calculate the number of users billed at the end of the month?

The number of users who have been activated during the month is the number of users billed at the end of the month.

How do I get a bill?

You will find your monthly bill as a PDF file online in the Administration area of CAS PIA. All your bills are sorted chronologically and are saved for the duration of the contract.

What do I do if I need assistance? Who can I contact if I have any questions or problems?

CAS PIA has an online help. Whether purely for information purposes or if you have specific questions, you will also find answers to your questions in the FAQs or in the user-defined use cases. You can also send us an e-mail to We are always happy to assist you!

Is there a user manual for CAS PIA?

There is currently no user manual available for CAS PIA. However, you can access the online help by pressing the F1 key in the program itself.  

How do I order CAS PIA?

You can order CAS PIA easily online on the Web site under Prices. Just fill out the order form and accept our contractual conditions and terms of use. If you are already working with the 30-day trial version, you can also order directly from CAS PIA.

How long will it take before I can start using CAS PIA?

You will be able to start working with CAS PIA as soon as we have checked your data: you will normally receive your access data by e-mail a few minutes after you have sent us your order.

How long is the notice period? What happens to my data after termination?

The contract shall run for an indefinite time. It may be terminated by the customer giving a period of notice of ten (10) days to the end of a calendar month. Your data will be saved for the duration of the statutory data preservation period and then deleted completely.

Technology related questions

Do I need my own server or my own infrastructure?

CAS PIA is a completely Internet-based application run from a German high-security IT center. You therefore only need a computer with Internet access. Please note the <media 16139>compatible browsers</media>. You can also access CAS PIA from an Internet-enabled mobile device such as a mobile phone.

What are the minimum requirements for my PC or laptop?

We recommend that your notebook or desktop computer have at least 512 MB of RAM, a one GHz CPU, and a monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Please also note that the performance on netbooks is not optimal. You need a current generation Internet browser on your computer, for example Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. To send e-mails we recommend Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird as your e-mail client. 

What do I need to install to use CAS PIA?

You do not need to install anything or take any security precautions to start working with CAS PIA. It is as easy to use as an e-mail account (e.g. Yahoo, GMX or Simply start your Web browser, type in the address, log on and you are good to go.

What are CAS PIA’s external interfaces?

To send e-mails, CAS PIA accesses the locally installed default e-mail client. You can archive incoming e-mails in CAS PIA by using Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird as your e-mail client.

Can I import data into CAS PIA?

You can import a variety of data into CAS PIA: You can import contacts and appointments, for example, an other opportunity is to import contacts as CSV files. You can also import individual contacts (vCard files) and appointments (ICAL files).

Can I synchronize appointments and e-mails with a PDA or Smartphone?

Thanks to Mobile sync, you can keep all your contacts, appointments and tasks on your smartphone up to date. Mobile sync supports all Microsoft Active Sync®-enabled mobile devices. Additionally you can always access CAS PIA online using an Internet-enabled mobile device (eg. an iPhone).

How do I receive updates? Are they free of charge?

The version of CAS PIA you will use will always be up to date and at no extra cost. We are continuously developing CAS PIA, and we automatically import hotfixes and updates at regular intervals at night. In this way, you will not notice anything, but we will notify you, of course, about the content and type of changes.

If I have installed and activated the Firefox add-ons "Adblock Plus" or "Firebug", do I have to deactivate them to work with CAS PIA?

We recommend to deactivate the respective add-on while you work with CAS PIA to make sure that you can use all functions of CAS PIA without any disturbance.

What functions do my browser and operating system support?

For a list of the functions supported by your browser and your operating system, click <media 16139 - - "TEXT, Release Notes CAS PIA, Release_Notes_CAS_PIA.pdf, 163 KB">here</media>.

Backing Up Data

Which data protection regulations apply to my data?

CAS PIA is subject to the EU GDPR.

How secure is my data?

The security of your data is our top priority. Through InterNetX, our experienced hosting partner, we provide you with the highest possible level of availability and security using the latest technology. Furthermore, CAS PIA has security features such as the CAS PIA journal and a recycle bin.

How often is my data in CAS PIA backed up?

Your data is backed up once a day.

Where is my data stored?

CAS PIA is hosted by InterNetX in their high-security computer center in Munich. For more information, go to the "Security" area.

Questions on order-processing contracts

Who requires an order-processing contract?

According to the new EU GDPR, every company has to close an order-processing contract with any service provider they use to processes personal data.

The following order-processing contracts are available for you to use, these also include Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMS): Contract on Order Processing