Mobile as never before - Cloud CRM

A central database using the highest levels of security and cutting edge software that requires no installation: these are the advantages of the CAS PIA Web-based solution. 

Simple Cloud solution

Enjoy the advantages with the Cloud CRM solution CAS PIA

With CAS PIA, a complete Web-based CRM solution from CAS Software, you can manage your customer relationship management (CRM) processes online anytime.


  • fast: no installation, no waiting time, start immediately
  • simple: no IT expertise is required, central data storage, the manufacturer takes care of operations and support
  • flexible: CAS PIA grows with your company, users can be added anytime
  • inexpensive: monthly user-fee, automatic and free updates
  • mobile: access your data anytime and anywhere

You can use our software without having to prepare or train beforehand. Manage your existing data at the touch of a button and navigate through all the functions intuitively. It does not matter what time of day it is, where you are, or whether you work alone or in a team: in CAS PIA, the innovative Cloud program , your software and data are stored securely and can be accessed at anytime.

Online CRM with the highest data security


Your sensitive customer data requires special protection. Cloud technology ensures data security by running both the software and your stored data from a certified high-security data center in Germany. As a result, CAS PIA provides the greatest possible security for you and your data.