Delight your customers - with CAS PIA, the Web-based CRM solution

First-class customer care was never easier. With CAS PIA and its built-in customer dossier, you have access to all the customer information you need immediately.
CAS PIA provides support for your daily work and sales activities.

Efficient CRM solution

CAS PIA your professional customer management solution.

CAS PIA has been designed to provide you with valuable and efficient support so that you can delight your customers – good value, mobile and easy to use. Above all else, your customer management will become more productive than ever before. You can use CAS PIA as a professional sales solution and online as a Groupware solution, the advantages are clear.


  • Inspiring: simple contact management and a chronological customer dossier enable you to pool your valuable knowledge in one place. You can delight and impress your customers with professional customer care. 
  • Motivating: using centrally stored data and transparent information CAS PIA gives you the resources to always provide current information and first-class service. This is very motivating and empowering to both colleagues and customers. 
  • Efficiency: successful teamwork and streamlined processes save you time in your day-to-day office tasks. You can exploit this advantage and use the time you save to concentrate on your core business. 
  • Targeted: recognize sales potential using specifically-targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

CAS PIA is the right solution for you if you are self-employed, work freelance, or are responsible for the smooth running of an SME. Our Web-based CRM solution is smart, easy to use and reliable. Because our bottom line is the success of your company. 

CAS PIA is available in two editions: as a full version and as an entry level solution known as CAS PIA Starter. We have put together an overview of the features to help you select the edition best suited to your needs: Overview of features.