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VDI headline from March 30, 2012 "Business is becoming mobile and moving to the Cloud":


CAS Software in Karlsruhe has been offering an "in the Cloud" application for customer relationship management (CRM) for quite some time now. "We are developing CAS PIA increasingly in the direction of mobile working and location-independent CRM", said Martin Hubschneider (CEO). "This makes CAS PIA and Cloud computing particularly attractive for small enterprises and customers who want to get started right away who do not have their own IT infrastructure, however, larger enterprises with their own IT infrastructures will also benefit from CAS PIA. [...]"


The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (a major German newspaper), carried an article on May 5, 2011 on how CAS PIA was being implemented at SCG eG:


"Bringing together dozens of individual programs and data sources in one single solution - a mammoth task even for hard-boiled IT-professionals. [...]"

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The SaaS Forum published the following article on May 16, 2011: "Who wants to buy a pig in a poke?...":


"[...] CAS Software AG offer you the chance to try out the CAS PIA CRM solution free for a month. If, after this time, you decide you want to implement the software then your free account is simply changed to a payable account, otherwise if you decide not to implement our software your free trial simply expires. [...]"

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On May 6, 2011 Chip Online carried the following headline: "Customer centric from head to foot":


"[...] You will find that CAS PIA focuses on the classical groupware and communications functions. This includes, for example, either the appointment and task management functions or document management. In addition, service providers have a small-scale project management function at their disposal. Sales promotions are accompanied by the campaign tool and which also tracks open customer quotes. Default integrations include, Microsoft Office, Windows Mobile Smartphones and iPhone. [...]"

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acquisa wrote the following in the April 2011 edition: "CRM apps now on sale":


"[...] CAS have developed a 'PIA' app for the iPhone, with this app we are helping our customers' sales representatives to become more mobile. The iPhone software combines a number of functions for contact management, tasks and appointments as well as e-mail access. The professional version includes more functions for sales and marketing as well as a number of features for customizing the solution and to improve networking while on the move.[...]"


In March, TechRepublic.com wrote an article on "CAS PIA 1.0 (Mobile)":


With Mobile CRM for iPhone, you can easily access your contacts and appointments in CAS PIA (as of version 3.0), including the dossier, from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You have instant, real-time access without having to synchronize your data. This enables you to always work with current data from your CRM system. And of course, information is seamlessly exchanged between your sales back office and your sales representatives working in the field. All permission rights are considered when you access your data while on the move. [...]"

You can read more about this article here.


On March 14, 2011 channel partners published the following article: "Overview of German service providers from the Cloud":


"[...] CAS PIA provides support for customer care and efficient customer communication. The self-employed and small enterprises in particular, can boost their marketing strategies using CAS PIA without having to employ additional personnel or invest in a new infrastructure. [...]"


On August 6, 2010 the saas-forum.net reported on the "Start'n Grow initiative: a conversation with Martin Oesterer, Head of Business Development at CAS Software AG":


"[...] CAS PIA is a Web-based solution that provides entrepreneurs and new businesses with a means of conducting professional customer and contact management. [...] Recording contact person data is simple and it is easy to add important additional information at a later data. Searching customer data is child's play, as you can use intelligent filters to search your data. [...]"

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On August 05, 2010 marketingIT online wrote "New functions for Web-based customer care":


"In version 3, the latest version of CAS PIA, you have the freedom to define your own fields and tabs. As a consequence, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as entrepreneurs and the self-employed can all benefit from these features. The software combines professional customer management with your own ways of working, your environment and your processes. [...]"

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FACTS headline from June 02, 2010 "Use relationships flexibly":


"The economic situation has changed. And this has consequences for company relationships, be they with customers, partners or suppliers as well as for business behavior. Processing involving external contacts have been particularly affected, for example, marketing, sales and service. Modern CRM systems have to be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances at any time."

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On June 06, 2010 PC World published the following article: "SaaS – leasing instead of purchasing":


"Companies can reduce their operating costs significantly and reinvest the savings in other areas by using SaaS solutions such as CAS PIA when compared to other permanently-installed and maintenance intensive applications, this is especially attractive in times of economic recession. [...] And because of this, specially designed applications for sales management were included in the first SaaS packages as an integral part of customer relationship management (CRM). Above all and in terms of CRM providers, Salesforce.com had a strong influence upon the market. Another CRM provider with a long track-record, who had a major impact on the market is the Karlsruhe based company, CAS Software AG, and its CAS PIA SaaS solution [...]"


On April 15, 2010 the German traffic newspaper carried this headline: "Quality needs standards":


"German logistical software is in demand above all in the small and medium-sized enterprises. However, developers are still working with personalized quality models. In future, a common standard would provide software houses and users with a uniform set of criteria with which they could judge quality. [...] 'When deciding on a software provider in times of crisis, companies place a lot of value on investment security. Customer from small and medium-sized enterprises actively seek out those companies who can deliver consistent quality, expert knowledge and reliable support."

You can read the full article here.


On April 14, 2010 moneycab.com wrote: "CAS PIA: build your Profit-orientated customer relations with ease, no prior knowledge required":


"[...] CAS PIA makes organizing your customer care and customer contacts easier: from managing contacts, to simple communications and filing documents. All easily integrated into your existing team. In addition, CAS PIA offers Groupware functions such as task and appointment management as well as providing you with support in executing your sales campaigns.[...]"


In April 2010, acquisa published an article on "Cloud Computing":


"This year, it is expected that CRM will experience considerable growth in the use and application of Cloud Computing. And CRM as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is ideal for mobile processes such as sales or service, as well as for companies with distributed teams that are geographically dispersed."

You can read the article here.


In April 2010, ProFirma published a magazine article entitled: "Keep an eye on all your data":


"The owner of the business confirmed just how profitable it can be for businesses to receive sponsoring. Both the owner and her five-employee strong team were in urgent need of a software solution that could improve the way they manage their customer contacts."

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In April 2010, c't magazine for computers and technology published information on CAS PIA under "User notes":


"Adobes image processing software for iPhone Photoshop.com mobile (version 1.1) includes sharp image functionality as well as several picture frames. [...] The SaaS solution CAS PIA (version 2.0) from CAS Software AG can synchronize data with iPhones and BlackBerry smartphones."


The isReport newspaper published an article on March 01, 2010 about "CeBIT Compass Business Applications":


"[...] The Karlsruhe based CRM solutions company, CAS Software AG, will be presenting the various extensions for its CAS genesisWorld CRM solution specially designed for SMEs in hall 5, stand D 48. In addition, CAS Software AG and its partners will demonstrate their new CAS Research industry solution and version 2.0 of their SaaS contact management solution - CAS PIA, which is designed specially to address the needs of small enterprises and the self-employed. [...]"


Computern im H@ndwerk published a report on CAS Software AG on March 01, 2010:


"CAS Software AG has the perfect solution for small enterprises (www.cas-pia.de) a Web-based contact management solution. In the current software version (CAS PIA 2.0) data synchronization is now possible with mobile devices like the BlackBerry smartphone by using Mobile sync. This means you can transfer and synchronize data such as contacts, appointments and tasks directly while on the go. For more information consult the relevant Online Help document. You will have to pay a monthly fee for using the software (the minimum duration of the contract is a month).


Marketing IT online carried this headline on January 26, 2010 "New PIA version to mobilize CRM":


"In version 2.0 of the Web-based contact management solution - CAS PIA, CAS Software AG offers customers the option of the Mobile sync module, which enables synchronization with mobile devices such as iPhones and BlackBerries. This CRM solution, designed for small enterprises and the self-employed also offers a number of new functions, which enable users to get to grips with modern contact management quickly."


On November 16, 2009 Business Geomatics reported on "Colorful opportunities":


"In the new 1.6 version of CAS PIA, CAS Software present their new features and functions for the Web-based contact management solution designed for small enterprises and the self-employed. CAS Software lists one of the highlights as being the so-called Heat map, with which users can display the geographical distribution of customers and opportunities."


On October 09, 2009, SaaS-Magazin.de carried this headline: "Web-based solutions with enhanced levels of data security."


"The new version of CAS PIA (version 1.6) is used solely over the Internet. Now, users can have secure access to their data via an SSL connection, so that the Mozilla browser can be used as of version 3.0, mobile internet capable devices can also be used. In the new version (1.6) access is also possible via Internet Explorer 8."


In the October 2009 edition of TeleTalk the following article was published: "CAS launches its new contact management solution PIA 1.6":


"CAS Software presents the new 1.6 version of its contact management solution CAS PIA. The Web-based solution is aimed squarely at small enterprises and the self-employed."


On October 01, 2009, the BlachReport reported on CAS PIA version 1.6 and its new functions:


"In the new 1.6 version of CAS PIA, CAS Software AG have rolled out some new features and functions for their Web-based contact management solution for small enterprises and the self-employed. The new version has been on the market since August 11, 2009 offering target-group customers tailor-made solutions to their needs."


The October 2009 edition of IT Mittelstand carried the following headline: "Web-based contact management":


"In the new 1.6 version of CAS PIA, CAS Software AG are offering a range of new functions and features for their Web-based contact management solution. Above all, the 'Heat maps' have been improved. These Heat maps help users to visualize data on geographically distributed customers and opportunities, which in turn provides users with a means of easily identifying sales potential. Areas on the map that are marked red denote a high customer density, whereas areas marked yellow or green denote unexploited opportunities and therefore increased sales potential. In addition, a new overall dossier has been included to provide even more transparency, in this dossier you can see all the linked data records and the associated contact partners at a glance."


On September 06, 2009 eclipse carried the following headline: "In the spotlight: CAS Open":


"Customers are becoming more and more discerning. Their wishes and requests have become more varied, the way they communicate has changed and their level of product knowledge has increased. However, at the same time, the demands on customer management software (CRM) have also increased, industry specific characteristics have to be allowed for and somehow mapped, third party systems have to be integrated and sophisticated rights concepts have to be developed and implemented."


On August 31, 2009 c't reported:


"CAS Software AG's Web-based contact database - PIA - uses a German data center to store all your data, the software manages all your customer contacts as well as notes on opportunities, appointments, phone call lists and any business correspondence. Users can access their data via a Web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 and a secure SSL connection. You can use so-called Heat maps to analyze geographically distributed customers to help identify new sales potential and then display the maps on your personal dashboard. The Heat maps consist of map sectors taken from Microsoft's Bing maps geodata services, the maps display color-coded areas that represent varying degrees of customer density. Using CAS PIA will cost you €19.90 a month per user."


CAS PIA makes the finals of the German Internet prize


Six successful SMEs have gone through to the finals of the 2008 German Internet prize, as BITKOM, the Hightech Association, reported today in Berlin. An independent jury made up of people taken from industry and science selected the finalists from 300 entrants. The winners of this prestigious German IT-competition will be announced on November 06 in Stuttgart […]. Heinz Paul Bonn explained the purpose and motivation of the competition as being: "The German Internet prize is an opportunity for those SMEs who lead the innovation race to set the standard for other like-minded companies. Because good ideas should be given publicity and acknowledged". BITKOM co-organize the event with the German Federal Government and in conjunction with Michael Glos the Minister for Economic Affairs. This year will mark the ninth time that the German Internet prize will have been awarded and will also celebrate the fact that it is now included in the initiative "Germany - country of ideas".



The March 2009 edition of Die Absatzwirtschaft contained the following report:


"CAS Software AG has recently also made it possible for small enterprises and the self-employed to participate in the trend of internet-based contact management solutions taking the form of SaaS, the company's CAS PIA software solution is specially designed for these target groups (and as a result has managed to make it through to the finals of German Internet prize 2008). For just €19.90 a month and user for up to 20 PC workstations, companies can manage all kinds of data centrally over the Internet, for example, contacts, leads, customer information, coordinate appointments, manage marketing campaigns, carry out evaluations and create reports or even send mail merges to selected target groups. The data is all stored securely in a data center in Munich and can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet - by using either a computer, laptop or smartphone."


On August 08, 2008 Die Computerzeitung printed an article about CAS PIA:


"CAS PIA is installed and run from the Internet. Currently, the scaleability is controlled and secured by a certified secure hosting center (data center) in Munich. […] Ludwig Neer (CTO) of CAS Software AG sees the targeted customers as enterprises with up to 20 employees or working groups. The solution caters more to the habits of European companies than comparable US products do such as Salesforce and Microsoft, explained Ludwig Neer (CTO)."


Das Magazin für professionelle Informationstechnik IX reported on CAS PIA in its April 2008 edition:


"CRM providers CAS Software AG, have put together a SaaS package (Software-as-a-Service) that has been specially designed for companies with up to 20 workstations. In addition to the usual groupware functions such as (calendar, tasks, follow-up files and so on) the solution also contains a digital customer dossier. The software also includes functions for managing campaigns, documents and opportunities."


The IS REPORT of April 2008, examines the benefits and advantages of CAS PIA over other solutions:


When asked what advantages the CAS PIA SaaS CRM solution has over Outlook, Martin Hubschneider (CEO) CAS Software AG replied that: "There was a gap in the market for users who needed a contact management system and CRM that used a central database that could help them to achieve customer excellence. Outlook on the other hand, does not contain any functions for managing customer files or offer live access to mobile devices. […] However, our solution does support Outlook, so that e-mail, appointments and contact data can all be exchanged".


The April 2008 edition of the Austrian trade paper: it&t business, describes the advantages of CAS PIA:


"The new SaaS solution from CAS Software AG - CAS PIA - is aimed squarely at small enterprises of up to 20 workstations, the software emphasizes functions such as the electronic customer dossier, groupware, calendar, tasks and follow-up files. When asked about the main differences between CAS PIA and competitors' products such as salesforce.com and Sage CRM, Martin Hubschneider (CEO) of CAS Software AG, emphasized the focus of the solution as being: 'Customer relationship management (CRM) basic values such as strengthening customer loyalty and increasing customer value, and not just campaign management functions."


On March 06, 2008 ChannelPartner.de published the following online:


"This Software-as-a-Service offer is a new development from the Karlsruhe-based software house CAS Software AG and is squarely aimed at smaller enterprises and the self-employed. Martin Hubschneider (CEO) CAS Software AG said in an interview in Hannover: 'Our goal is to become the market leader for professional contact management solutions for companies of up to 20 PC workstations'. […] CAS' SaaS CRM runs on all the common Web browsers and mobile devices like the iPhone. All users receive is the input and output mask, otherwise the whole backbone (database, server, data security and administration) is provided and managed by CAS or by a hosting partner."